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Each day, glory respires, 
Breathing out
The blues of the day. And
As night-rhythm begins,
She slips on her saffron skirt
Trimmed with fiery fuchsia fringes…
And she dances:
Across the western sky.
With a bolero blazing in her breast,
She sways swirls of sensuousness,
And clings her castanets in the clouds,
Teasing the hungry horizon, who
Sits, waiting in his satin sable,
To devour her resplendent, ripe fruit.
 Only time can consummate their passion.
Only God can make love so exquisite.
~ © Candace Johnson, 2012~

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  1. maria barci

    Satisfying, decadent, a feast for the senses… lovely, beautiful… sigh, I loved it.

  2. maria barci

    addendum: I am moved and touched beyond words. Your pieces, voice and song brings life! They are pure poetry, rhythm and dance. Luxuriously satisfying, incandescently brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing them with me 🙂

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