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  1. Carenna Willmont

    Hello Dr. Johnson,

    I love your new website. You inspire me. I can see you on on Broadway, television and films. Is that of interest to you?

    I hope I get to work with you again this summer. The wait list is getting better in my favor. I’m crossing my fingers.

    Carenna Willmont

  2. Tanya Dixon

    Dr. Candace, I love your new website. Thank you for sharing your gift.


  3. Marwin Jennings

    Looking good C!

  4. Lloyd Kerr Jr.

    Dear Dr. Johnson,
    You are amazing! May God continue to inspire your spirit as you share your beautiful gift to the world. Keep your eyes on the prize. Protect your dreams. We love you!
    Your proud Cousin,
    Lloyd Jr.

  5. Rochelle

    Congratulations Candance on your new Website as a vehicle to share your talent with the world. So glad you are doing so!

  6. stephanie wilbourn

    I’m so proud of u Ms. Candice.. So blessed n beautiful.

  7. Keith Kerr

    Beautiful Candace, just so beautiful!

  8. Crystal Oliver

    Dr. Candace Johnson,
    I woke up this morning with you on my mind and really wanted to hear that angelic voice of yours so thank you for the website! You are absolutely a special gift from God. Love you much!
    Crystal Oliver

  9. Carol Johnson

    Candace, what a fabulous array of vocal music and celebration! You are truly blessed, not only with extraordinary music talents, but the Holy Spirit speaks to us through your voice. May God continue to bless you and the world with the love and grace He sends through you. May He guide your path and order your steps as you inspire and touch the souls of others. Love you and your music always!!

  10. Pat Hepahy

    Just attended the Berkeley noon concert. Your voice and singing and presence on the stage is wonderful. Words can not explain how excited I was when we left the theatre. Thank you thank you

  11. Loreathea Fields

    Dr. Johnson,Candace: I just learned about your website. I have listened to your beautiful voice and enjoyed your interpretations. I will share your website with the rest of the family and will spend more time with all of concerts and poetry featured here. Your gift and talent is magnificent. Loreathea

  12. Stephanie Burton

    One word and that is AMAZING!!!!!

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